BACKWARD STATE IN NIGERIAKOGI STATE NOW THE MOST BACKWARD STATE IN NIGERIA – BY FELIX SOLOMON:Since I was born, I can say, along with the overwhelming majority of kogites, that we have never had it so bad in this state like this until now.

MOST BACKWARD STATE IN NIGERIA Only one thing explains the extremities of kogites miserable predicament today: we have in office a Governor so singularly inept and incompetent, Yahaya Bello and Edward Onoja have both triumphed in making a bad situation so much worse for our people.

This is almost one year in office , it should now be abundantly clear that Yahaya Bello and his directionless team are not qualified to be Occupied Government house . Yahaya Bello has neither agenda nor direction. His cardinal objective is apparently the prosecution of tribal hegemony.I call on all the present and past leaders of this state to organise an urgent intervention, before Yahaya Bello and Edward Onoja drives this state into the ditch.

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It is time to admit imposing Bello on us a big national blunder and unforgivable sin to the good people of kogi state..It is quite obvious that this administration is a complete failure and does not have the capacity to solve any problems. The unfortunate thing is that the situation in kogi state is so bad that the electorates are now cursing their luck for voting APC. Looking at poverty today in our land,unemployment, insecurity, and decay in infrastructures, it appears kogites are in for worst situations with Bello and his co-travellers .There is a limit to what propaganda, mischief and deceit can accomplish. MOST BACKWARD STATE IN NIGERIA The present government has
destroyed the means of livelihood of the ordinary people this state.All We are doing now is crying, waiting for succour to come our way.
I believe in development but not the way Bello administration is going about . uptill this moment some of our parents are still under going screening for the past 8 months without salary ,accidents everyday day in the name of screening … what a heartless and inhuman government? Our institutions are dead. KSU is now a glorified secondary school… Bello and his team must brace up for leadership challenges instead of their usual propaganda and uploading of pictures before we occupied Lugard house …


Written By Felix Solomon

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