Jose Mourinho – lying in a hotel for 5months in Manchester has been bad

Jose MourinhoManchester United coach Jose Mourinho has labeled his stay in the Lowry Hotel in Manchester for the last 5 months ‘a disaster’, saying he would prefer to be close to his family who already have a settled life in London.

Manchester United fear Jose Mourinho’s distance from his family could affect him psychologically but will not pressurize him to leave the Lowry hotel where some members of his staff live and even new signings like Paul Pogba live at the moment.

According to the Daily Mail, Mourinho already has a detailed plan where he plans scheduled visits to see his family in London but surprisingly on Sunday after losing to Chelsea, followed the Man U team straight back to Manchester rather than stay a little with his family like he would have normally done.

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Buy a house? I do not know,’ he said in a pre Capital One Cup press conference.

‘The reality is that my daughter will be 20 next week, my son will be 17 in a couple of months. They are very stable. University in London. Football in London. Friends. In an age where they can’t chase me like they did before. For the first time the family lives in a different way. We see how we cope with the situation. But maybe if I can get a good apartment – not these giant houses, I will never buy that – with a good connection from the garage to the apartment, maybe I do it. But I can’t cook!

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