MMM Founder, Serge Mavordi Spotted Leaving Nigerian Airport Today(Photo)

MMM FounderMMM Founder, Serge Mavordi Spotted Leaving Nigerian Airport Today(Photo)

A very hilarious meme has been designed by social media users to portray the founder of Nigeria’s wonder bank – Mavordi Mondial Moneybox who has created a community of a staggering three million members leaving the country after a ‘successful outing’.
It would be recalled that Mr. Serge Mavordi and his partner enjoyed the massive patronage of vulnerable Nigerians against warnings by financial bodies in Nigeria including the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Federal Government.
In the meme above, the convicted Russian fraudster, Serge Mavordi who recently wrote to the Nigerian Government advocating against the clampdown on the pyramid scheme by federal authorities and the media was pictured leaving the shores of Nigeria with the ‘investments’ of Nigerians in a briefcase.
Nigerians have been on hot seats since the restriction on Mavordi accounts during the yuletide. A social media user revealed participants in his office have been queueing to use the restroom since the news broke lolz,

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